School ofLife Sciences, School of Ocean Sciences in Nantong University (NTU) is a basefor national basic science research and teaching personnel training. Itshistory stretches back to Department of Biotechnology of Nantong MedicalCollege, Department of Biotechnology and Science of Nantong Normal College. In 2004,during the national college adjustment, relevant departments of Nantong MedicalCollege and Nantong Normal College formed School of Life Sciences, NantongUniversity. In 2010, Nantong University set up School of Ocean Sciences whichwas merged with School of Life Sciences. The School has a staff of 70 people, 58of which are full-time teachers, including 9 professors (including one foreignprofessor and one distinguished professor of NTU), and 28 associate professors.Among them, there are two talents supported by JIANGSU333 TALENT PROGRAM, two talents supported by SIX TALENT PEAKS PROJECT inJiangsu Province and five talents supported by Jiangsu Young Teachers TrainingProgram.

School ofLife Sciences has one academic master degree of primary discipline of Biology andone professional master degree of subject teaching (Biology). Undergraduateprogram includes the following majors: Bioscience (Provincial Talent andCharacteristic Major), Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Marine Science. Thereare one foreign student of master program, 35 postgraduates and 859undergraduates.

Biology is astrong and characteristic discipline in Jiangsu Province. Neuroscience andBehavior is among the top 1% of global ESI. Botany is major disciplines of primarydiscipline of Biology of NTU. School of Life Sciences has a Key Laboratory of Ministryof Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China. LifeSciences Laboratory Center has a Jiangsu experimental teaching demonstrationcenter.